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Peru largest exporter of Quinoa to the United States

Peru largest exporter of Quinoa to the USA

by OrganicCrops. Posted on 6 March 2016, 08:52 hrs

Statistics released by the United States Department of Agriculture show that Peru exported 13,760 tons of quinoa to the USA in 2015. It is the first itemTime that Peru bypasses Bolivia (10,485 tons) in terms of quinoa export volume to the USA. Read more.

Peru itemLeading exporter of Quinoa to Europe

Europe imports nearly twenty thousand tons of Quinoa in 2015

by OrganicCrops. Posted on 6 February 2016, 08:52 hrs

An increase of nearly 40% compared to previous years, Europe imported 18362 tons of Quinoa in 2015 with Peru being the main supplier of the Andean grain. Read more.

Puno Quinoa in trouble in 2016

Veranillo affected more than 65% of the production of quinoa and potatoes in Puno, Peru.

by OrganicCrops. Posted on 2 February 2016, 17:38 hrs

The Puno 2015-2016 farming season, unlike last year, will be one of the hardest hit as a result of El NiƱo. Four months after the harvest season Read more.

Reduced quinoa wholesale prices from OrganicCrops

New reduced quinoa wholesale prices

by OrganicCrops. Posted on 17 November 2015, 11:23 hrs

With today's low quinoa wholesale prices, OrganicCrops is able to offer premium Huanuco Quinoa at reduced wholesale rates. Read more.

New Quinoa codex to make a positive difference for the Quinoa growers industry

International CODEX Quinoa Standard in the making

by OrganicCrops. Posted on 8 October 2015, 09:51 hrs

Work on a new globally accepted standard is set to commence for the versatile Andean grain quinoa, which is known for its high nutritional content, after the US and Bolivia gained the go ahead to develop a new international standard, which is expected to take four years or less. Read more.

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