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We are OrganicCrops
Your Gateway to Peru's Superfoods: Cacao, Sacha Inchi, Yacon, and Maca!

OrganicCrops represents the finest of Peruvian agriculture, serving as a trusted exporter of the nation's most prized superfoods including Cacao, Sacha Inchi, Yacon, Maca, and more.

We are based in Peru with offices in Tarapoto, Huanuco, and Lima, where we dedicate ourselves to the cultivation, promotion, and global exportation of Peruvian superfood products. Our commitment is to deliver the purest embodiment of Peru’s fertile lands, straight to your business.

Honest Trade
Honoring the Land and its People

At OrganicCrops, we believe in the principle of 'Honest Trade'. This is not just a phrase for us, but a commitment to ensuring that our indigenous Peruvian farmers are rewarded fairly for their hard work and dedication. We champion their cause, making certain they receive equitable compensation for their invaluable contributions.

Your Bulk Source for Peru's Best

We offer wholesale opportunities for our clientele, providing real-time stock availability and competitive market pricing. Our native products, including Cacao, Sacha Inchi, Yacon, and Maca, are available in generous quantities, making us your one-stop solution for Peruvian superfoods in bulk.

From Peru
Authenticity Rooted in Peru

Each product we offer is a testament to the tradition and craftsmanship of Peru. Every grain and bean is cultivated and processed by small farming cooperatives right here in Peru, carrying with it a rich legacy and a promise of quality.

Global Export
Your Global Supplier of Peruvian Superfoods

From the fields of Peru to tables around the world, we pride ourselves on our capacity to export our products globally. Whether you're in North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, or Oceania, we've got you covered with our extensive export network.