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New reduced quinoa
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Peru leading exporter of Quinoa to Europe

by Steven Nyland, OrganicCrops. Posted on 17 November 2015, 11:23 hrs

With today's low quinoa wholesale prices, OrganicCrops is able to offer premium Huanuco Quinoa at reduced wholesale rates.

Wholesale prices may fluctuate daily. On our quinoa page, you can always find the latest prices. Current price level:

Date: 17 November 2015

  • White Quinoa: USD 2,40 - 3,75
  • Red Quinoa: USD 2,90 - 4,15
  • Black Quinoa: On request

Prices per Kg

Real time wholesale prices and stock can be found on the product pages


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OrganicCrops is an agricultural trading company from Tarapoto, Peru that specializes in cultivation, marketing and exporting organic products such as Quinoa, Maca and Cacao.