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Europe imports nearly twenty
thousand tons
of Quinoa in 2015

Peru leading exporter of Quinoa to Europe

by Steven Nyland, OrganicCrops. Posted on 6 February 2016, 08:52 hrs

An increase of nearly 40% compared to previous years, Europe imported 18362 tons of Quinoa in 2015 with Peru being the main supplier of the Andean grain. Peru has taken over the leading position from Bolivia. In October 2015, cumulative quinoa imports from Peru to Europe were 10098 tons and from Bolivia 4832 tons, less than half of those from Peru. Throughout 2015 Peru has dominated the market with competitive prices, whilst Bolivia has been reluctant to follow suit.

Prices are falling, encouraging further growth Quinoa was gaining a reputation for being expensive when trade prices fell dramatically in 2015. In the last quarter, according to industry sources, import prices of organic white quinoa fell to about US$2300 per ton, while conventional was sold at US$2000 per ton or less. The traditional producers in the Andes Mountains, both in Peru and Bolivia, will also be affected, since their yields are much lower than in the coastal areas. Consumers have not yet benefited much from the lower trade prices, but when they trickle down, the superfood will become much more affordable, spurring further market growth.

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