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Introducing real-time quinoa
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OrganicCrops introduces real-time quinoa prices and quinoa wholesale price alerts

by Steven Nyland, OrganicCrops. Posted on 24 March 2016, 09:11 hrs

With the new real-time quinoa wholesale prices overview, buyers and importers can quickly research and compare the latest wholesale prices. The prices are based on real-time market information and are updated automatically. OrganicCrops is the first company offering transparent quinoa market prices.

Real-time quinoa wholesale prices can be found on the Quinoa wholesale page. Besides pricing information you also find real-time stock information for all quinoa products on offer. The prices are accompanied with a price-indicator symbol. Below image describes how it works:

Explaint the real-time quinoa whole sale price overview

OrganicCrops can put together a tailored quote for your quinoa product requirements. On the Quinoa wholesale page click on the 'Quote Request' tab and fill out the quote reuest form to receive detailed product pricing according to your requirements.

Quinoa wholesale price alert

Another new feature on is the Quinoa Wholesale Price Alert (QPA). It informs you of the wholesale price changes by send you an email. This way you’ll stay informed of the latest quinoa whole price developments.

Stay informaed of the latest quinoa prices with the Quinoa Price Alert

To subscribe to the QPA, simple enter your email address in the email field and click on ‘Subscribe’. You’ll find the QPA subscribe function on the Quinoa wholesale page, under the ‘Current Price’ tab.

About OrganicCrops

OrganicCrops is a Peruvian agricultural trading company that exports premium quality superfood products such as quinoa, maca, and cacao. Our fair trade way of working ensures that indigenous Peruvian farmers receive fair compensation for their crops.


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About OrganicCrops

OrganicCrops is an agricultural trading company from Tarapoto, Peru that specializes in cultivation, marketing and exporting organic products such as Quinoa, Maca and Cacao.