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All the ins and outs about cacao from the Peruvian Amazon rainforrest. Nibs, butter, powder, cake, solids.

The best chocolate in the world is made from Peruvian cacao.

por Steven Nyland, OrganicCrops. Publicado en 20 October 2017, 07:04 hrs

Chocolate is considered a magical treat by many. With the rise of artisan chocolate producers, organic fine cacao products from the Amazon rainforest in Peru are quickly becoming the bean of choice for good quality chocolate. Read more.

OrganicCrops Sacha Inchi protein powder and sacha inchi oil with essential fatty acids.

Peruvian superfood, Sacha Inchi protein powder and sacha inchi oil.

por Steven Nyland, OrganicCrops. Publicado en 22 June 2017, 07:18 hrs

Sacha Inchi products are already well-known by people that are looking for a high protein food product that offers both essential fatty acids. The seeds of the sacha inchi fruit are often called Inca nuts or Inca peanuts in Peru. Read more.

Lucuma, the gold of the Inca's with its delicious caramel sweetness. Bulk Lucuma powder for wholesale export

Lucuma, healthy sweetness from Peru.

por Steven Nyland, OrganicCrops. Publicado en 01 June 2017, 08:03 hrs

There is no doubt about it – Lucuma is the most popular flavor in Peru. Ice cream, biscuits, cakes, sweets, milk-shakes, all powered by the delicious caramel and maple flavor of this bright deep-yellow/orange Peruvian fruit. Read more.

OrganicCrops offers bulk dehydrated golden berries for export

Introducing the fruit of the Inca's: Golden Berries

por Steven Nyland, OrganicCrops. Publicado en 19 May 2017, 08:12 hrs

OrganicCrops is introducing dehydrated golden berries for worldwide export. Aguaymanto as they call the golden yellow fruit in Peru, are cultivated both organically and conventional in the Huanuco region of the Amazon rainforest. Read more.

Ins and outs about importing superfood products from Peru

All you need to know about importing from Peru

por Steven Nyland, OrganicCrops. Publicado en 30 March 2017, 16:35 hrs

As an exporter of Peruvian superfood products we receive a wide variety of questions regarding the export process, payment, sending samples, quantities, certifications and other (required) export papers. Although every export situation is different in one way or the other, we have put together information that answers the most common... Read more.

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OrganicCrops es una empresa agrícola localizada en la ciudad de Huánuco, Perú. Dedicados al cultivo, comercialización y exportación de superalimentos tales como quinua, maca, cacao, etc.