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Organic Lucuma powder from the Amazon rainforest of Peru.
A rich source of good carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and fibre.

Peruvian Lucuma

Lucuma fruit looks like an avocado. The hard green exterior serves as a protective shell for the sweet caramel tasting fruit. The flesh of the lucuma fruit is golden yellow. It covers a hard pip the size of a walnut.

Lucuma powder made from organic lucuma fruit.In Peru lucuma is the most popular flavor in ice cream and sweets.

The pulp of the lucuma fruit is dehydrated to produce lucuma powder, The powder is gluten-free, a source of antioxidants, fiber, carbohydrates, vitamins and calcium.

Lucuma powder is most often used as flavor component. The product can also be used for health drinks, baked/processed goods such as jellies, desserts, cakes and sweets, or as a natural sweetener.

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OrganicCrops Lucuma fruit production locations in Peru

Lucuma product specification

Product classification: Pouteria lucuma, lúcuma, lucmo
Type: Dehydrated, pulverized fruit, 100% lucuma
Style: homogeneous powder
Origin: Amazon rainforest, Peru
Cultivation: Conventional or Organic
Color classification: Powder: cream to dark-cream

Product Types

Types: Pulvarized, powder
Certification: SENASA, Control Union

Physical Characteristics

Color visual: Cream, pale light orange
Taste: Characteristic, sweet
Odor: Characteristic
Foreign material: Abcent
Defects: None
Caliber: 80 / 100 mesh

Chemical Characteristics

Humidity level: Max 6%
Solubility: 60% approx.

Microbiological Characteristcs

Aerobic mesophilic: Max. 103 cfu
Yeast: Max. 250 cfu
Mold: Max. 250 cfu
E. coli: Max. 3 cfu
Staphylococcus Aureus: Abcent
Salmonella SP (25g): Abcent
Bacillus cereus: Max. 1000 cfu

Nutricion Facts (100 g POR)

Energy: 402 kcal. / kJ 1682 of which
Carbohydrate: 374 Kcal.
Fat: 0.0 Kcal.
Protein: 28 Kcal.
Protein: 7.1 g
Fat: Fat 1.1 g of which
Saturates: 0.3 g
Mono-unsaturates: 0.2 g
Polyunsaturates: 0.4 g
Cholesterol: 0 mg
Carbohydrates: 48.2 g (Dietary fiber 20.3 g, sugars 27.9 g)
Sodium: 34.8 mg
Vitamins: Vitamin A: 120 IU
Vitamin C: 9.4 mg
Thiamin: 0.1 mg
Riboflavin: 0.2 mg
Niacin: 2.8 mg
Minerals: Calcium: 15.8 mg
Potassium: 761 mg
Phosphorus: 26.4 mg
Iron: 2.5 mg
Zinc: 2.7 mg
Selenium 110 mcg

Order Specifications

Packaging/Presentation: 10 Kg plastic bags
Shipping: FOB, CIF on request
Minimum order: 1000 Kg
Delivery detail: FIFO

Lucuma powder stock

Date: 17 April 2024
Lucuma powder: 3.5 Tons

Stock quantities subject to change without prior notice.

Current lucuma powder wholesale price

Date: 17 April 2024
Lucuma powder: USD 7.93 - 8.17 FOB Callao

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