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Peru's agri exports are expected to reach 10 billion USD by 2021

by Steven Nyland, OrganicCrops. Posted on 02 March 2020, 09:15 hrs

OrganicCrops introduces custom chocolate made to order. We have added chocolate to our portfolio of Peruvian superfood products. Clients can choose the type of cacao beans (e.g. 100% Criollo or Porcelana or a variety of blends), the amount of bean fermentation (70-85%), which kind of sweetener is used and optional flavorings.

Refining organic Peruvian chocolate is an important step in the process of chocolate.

All ingredients for the production of our chocolate are sourced from Peru. Clients can opt for certified organic chocolate where all ingredients sourced are certified organic. Production is carried out in a SENASA, HACCP and Organic certified facility.

Organic Peruvian chocolate in wafer presentation

Presentation options

We accept orders from 1 pallet and upwards for chocolate sweetened with Panela. Contact us for inquiries for chocolate products with other sweetening options and/or additional flavorings. Packaging (product presentation) is either a 5 kg block (6 blocks in a box), coins/wafers (2.5 cm, 20 kg in a box) or chips/drops (15 kg in a box). Other presentations are on request.

Private label

OrganicCrops offers full product development services, including private label, for clients who wish to outsource the entire product development, production and packaging process. Custom chocolate bar molds with client’s own artwork are also among the possibilities. One can order chocolate made from roasted Criollo beans, sweetened with yacón syrup from the Andes and flavored with chilis from the Peruvian Amazon Rainforest. There are so many possibilities that one could order a thousand products and not have the same flavor profile once.

OrganicCrops is accepting orders starting Wednesday 4 March. More information can be found here or contact sales via


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